Veronica Classen
Art Direction & Miniatures


Veronica Classen

Veronica is a teacher, Art Director and specialist in miniatures for animation. She has worked for over ten years in the film industry and live performance and is currently based in Toronto.

Veronica was the Art Director of Miniatures on the feature film The Fruit Hunters directed by the award-winning filmmaker Yung Chang, produced by the Canadian National Film Board and EyeSteelFilm. She has worked as an Art Director, and Miniatures builder on commercial live action and stop motion productions for VICE, TIFF, McCafé, Expedia, Tim Hortons, and the Egg Farmers of Canada. She was also a miniatures designer for the music video, Galaxie’s Camouflar, which was awarded ADISQ’s Best Music Video of the Year.

Veronica taught design at Northwestern University in Chicago and at Concordia University in Montreal where she was an Assistant Professor, Area Coordinator and Artistic Director in the Design for the Theatre program. She is an MFA graduate of Northwestern University’s Costume and Set Design program and holds a BFA from Concordia University’s Design for the Theatre program. She has designed set, costumes and props for contemporary dance and theatre in Montreal and Chicago. Her costume designs for Richard III were nominated for a META award. 

                                                                          t. 514.638.8348                          CV available upon request